Tabard Growers first meeting

It was agreed that this group would form the management team and other residents would join as they came on board. We talked through different areas of the estate and people who were known to be growing in specific spaces.

The United St Saviours funding was discussed and its purpose was agreed:

  • Form a cohesive collaborative group of growers on the estate
  • Support and encourage existing and new growers
  • Meet monthly
  • Set up and encourage community composting
  • Proactively plan sustainability of the group
  • Hold a Harvest Celebration event in September



  • It was agreed that we would have a stall on Saturday 8th July – Peace Day at Tabard Gardens to let people know about Tabard Growers.
  • We would have a kids activity and promote community composting and a map for people to say where they are growing or would like to grow.
  • Invite people to the next Allotment Day 22nd July



Peter Balazs, Jo Dubiel, Deidre McGale, Martin Dixon, Jonathan Sedgwick, Sally Scantlebury

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