Minutes of the first full meeting of the Tabard Growers 18th October 2017

Present: Peter Balazs, Gabi Kosterna, Thelma Reid, Aideen MacInerny, Nora Ni Dhomhnaill, Rose Marie Garcia, Martin Dixon, John Tyson, Stephen Cunningham, Fr David Adamson, Fr Jonathan Sedgwick, Anna Slapna

Welcome and introductions were made.

David and John presented and explained the proposed constitution. The meeting voted unanimously to adopt the constitution with immediate effect.

John proposed the meeting move onto nominations of the commitee members. The committee was duly elected with unanimous votes: Fr Jonathan Sedgwick as Chair, Peter Balazs as Secretary, John Tyson as Treasurer. All roles had only these members as nominees.

Jonathan proposed a vote for the assembled meeting to agree that the Church (St George’s) would receive the first funds from United St Saviours fund (£1200), while the newly elected committee arrange for a Tabard Growers bank account. All agreed.

The assembled members discussed what had brought them to Tabard Growers, and what they wanted the group to achieve:

• Gabi: needs more green space close to her flat, and asked for more clarity on the council’s new fire safety policies regarding plants outside.
• Thelma: interested in the allotment and improving the bed next to her flat.
• Anna: interested in the allotment and carrying on improvements to Beautiful Balin.
• Aideen & Nora: interested in vegetables/allotment, mini meadow, other works around Manciple St area.
• Rose: interested in the allotment.
• Martin: having community days, eg “Mayday”/Harvesting day, the Tabard Community Allotments is open to plants if the residents wish to move them from the hallways.
• John: improve Rocking Village – Tabard Growers friendship.
• David: interested in improving the feel of the neighbourhood, so that resident care about the place, like is being done on Beautiful Balin.
• Jonathan: bees and community event at Rectory Garden.

The group agreed it was a good idea to communicate on a WhatsApp group, as well as via news on the tabardgrowers.wordpress.com website, via email and on Twitter.

Next action days:
• 11th November 2018 (2nd Saturday of the month) from 11 to 2 in the Tabard Community Allotment (Manciple St).
• 9th December 2018, Rectory Garden (timings tbc)

Next general meeting:

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