Fortnightly report

Beautiful Balin (BB) & Tabard Growers (TG):

Tue, 21st Nov: TG/BB Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) initial assessment forms (IAF) arrived, we have to create detailed quotations about our projects, deadline 8th Dec.

Wed, 22nd Nov: Morning the Council’s gardeners mowed the lawn and mulched leaves around Balin, Brenley and Boughton Houses.

Thu, 23rd Nov: Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council (BBWCC) – John and Peter presented the TG/BB projects. We heard about another Tabard Gardens Estate garden related presentations: create green space on the Tabard Street side of the Beckett House, improve the car parking area behind the Long Lane 100-102.

John introduced Peter to Richard Galpin: Richard has lot of projects, one of his specialty the fruit trees: We started exchange our experience. We will organize a short, practical fruit tree maintenance session at the Tabard Community Allotments in the winter-time.

Fri, 24th Nov: Peter collected pallets from the yard of the King’s College and delivered to the allotment. Also he is replanted a fallen Medlar tree at Bricklayers Arms.

Sat, 25th Nov: We had a meeting with Jonathan, John, Martin and Peter. After the meeting we discovered the cold frames at the Beckett House.

Sun, 26th Nov: BB, Long Lane leaf collection and Rose pruning. Allotment, Peter built a compost cage and started to fill up with leaves.

Mon, 27th Nov: Nicola from Tabard House and David from Rothsay St joined the TG WhatsApp group.

Tue, 28th Nov: We managed to send the bank account application to TSB, waiting for response.

Fri, 1st Dec: We managed to order the glass to the doors of the greenhouse in the Allotment, delivery on the next week.

Sat, 2nd Dec: Some gardening around BB and Peter managed to order some stuff to the proposed gardening projects.

Next fortnight:

Mon, 4th Dec: Southwark Planning Network (SPN) meeting at Cambridge House

Thu, 7th Dec: BOST Merry Mingle

Fri, 8th Dec: Deadline to send back the TG/BB IAFs

Sat, 9th Dec: Allotment Funday

Mon, 11th Dec: Chaucer Ward panel meeting at Borough High St Police Station (community representatives only, general issues)

Fri, 15th Dec: United St Saviour application deadline

Sat, 16th Dec: Tabard Gardens South & Central TRA common Xmas party at the Tabard Community Hall – volunteers, ideas welcome

Deadline Sun, 24th Dec: Southwark Conservation, Let’s Talk


Mon, 20th Nov: We had an unsuccessful Tabard Community Hall meeting.

Tue, 21st Nov: Peter got a notification about 74-84 Long Lane co-living tall building “re-consultation”, open till 7th Dec -> Esther from Southwark Law Centre will visit the site on 6th Dec and will help with advice.

Fri, 24th Nov: Peter fixed the Bricklayers tube board at Stompie Garden

Mon, 27th Nov: Langa Ncayiyana Customer Services Manager of the Southwark Environmental Services sent a request to Peter to leave feedback about our extra garden waste management (Thelma’s garden). Some other departments of the Southwark Council also available on the Staffino: or

Tue, 28th Nov: Tabard Garden South TRA first meeting, they started up website and Twitter account:

Wed, 29th Nov: Council Assembly November (audio)

Wed, 29th Nov: SGTO & AnthonyGoldLaw held an informative & interesting housing repairs workshop

Thu, 30th Nov: Southwark Life Housing News published

Fri, 1st Dec: Southwark Life newsletter published

Somebody managed to tidy up the green space near the Geoffrey House.

A good sharing economy project: come and join to improve our neighborhood.


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