Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Tabard Growers 2nd Feb 2019

Present: Peter Balazs, Claudia Freund, Bruna Del Nunzio, Cllr Helen Dennis, Jason McDowell, Cllr William Houngbo, Martin Dixon, Anna Slapna, Deirdre Mc Gale

Apologies: Fr Jonathan Sedgwick, Thuy Le, Tanya, Jo Dubiel, Cllr Damian O’Brien, Cllr Humaira Ali, Vincent Brown (WCGN), Molly Gadenz (BOST)

Welcome and introductions were made.

Peter gave an overview of the work of Tabard Growers (TG) over the past year. This included grants applied for and projects undertaken. It was noted that TG now includes projects at the St George the Martyr Church and at the Stompie Gardens site spanning Chaucer and London Bridge Wards. A map of the projects was circulated.

The members discussed issues around community involvement and ways of improving this over the coming year, noting successes as well as challenges. Both Councillors outlined project plans to improve communal spaces and air quality locally. Members discussed ways of involving volunteers.

The new committee was duly elected with unanimous votes:

Chair:                  Fr Jonathan Sedgwick

Vice Chair:          Jason McDowell

Treasurer:           Bruna Del Nunzio

Secretary:          Anna Slapna & Deirdre Mc Gale

Martin offered help with TG website and publicity.

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