GoodGym Southwark Digging in the Rain

A huge thank-you to 17 volunteers from GoodGym Southwark who turned up to work on the allotment Wednesday 13th November in the rain after their 10k run.

Peter met them at the allotment and filmed some of their efforts.

“We split into 2 teams taking gloves, spades, and pick axes to remove weeds from the herb spiral and digging up soil emptying old builder sacks. The soil was soon scooped up into wheelbarrows and moved to another corner to create a new planting bed. After working solidly for 20 minutes the weeds were cleared and the diggers were delighted to get to the bottom of the soil bag, which had been sitting there for 10 years. Peter thanked us for our efforts which would have taken him 2 weeks to do alone!”


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