Allotment Workdays 2020

Come and join our free community allotment workdays every 3rd Sunday of the month from 11am to 2pm. Meet other gardeners and learn about growing and planting together.

Our allotments have a very low annual subscription of £5 should you wish to take on a personalised plot or raised bed. We are keen to keep this as low as possible to make sure that nobody is excluded from having a plot to grow vegetables. There’s always spaces available.

However, this does mean that we all have a responsibility to come along to the monthly allotment workdays for an hour or two to help out. Or, come along and meet our small friendly Committee – we need your ideas to keep things running.

We don’t have any paid workers, so please come along on the third Sunday of each month and help out – it’s fun!

Allotment Workdays 2020

Sunday 19th January

Sunday 16th February

Sunday 15th March

Sunday 19th April

Sunday 17th May

(We are usually on the allotment on Manciple Street from 11am – 2pm)

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