New Committee

AGM held 9th Feb 2020

Present: Peter Balazs, Giles Brady, Jo Dubiel, Claudia Freund, Níels Hermannsson, Meryn Humphries (Mace), Jo (Eastwell), Deirdre Mc Gale, Melodie (Brenley), Gabriel Ross (Mace), Shaun (Geoffrey), Fr Jonathan Sedgwick, Anna Slapna, Dominic Tutton (Mace)

Apologies: Darren Bosman, Martin Dixon, Molly Gadenz (BOST), Lan (Huberd), Liliana (Pilgrim), Debbie Mitchener (WCGN), Georgia Smith (Better Bankside)

Welcome and introductions

1/ Finance & Yearly Report

Accounts were audited by STGO

Peter outlined CGS grants received for projects:

Tabard Gardening projects 2018/19:  £4,630

Balin & Brenley House Painting 2018/19:  £300

Stompie Garden 2018/19:  £5,050

Stompie Garden Improvements 2019/20:  £2,870

Tabard Growers Allotment 2019/20:  £3,000

Southwark’s Neighbourhood fund granted £600 in 2018 and £900 in 2019 for the annual Harvest Festival

Committee are concerned that Peter is out of pocket for large sums of money because grants are awarded only after invoices are submitted. Fr Jonathan to speak to Pauline Bonner of Southwark about this.

Volunteer input from corporate groups has been well established this year with a great working relationship with GoodGym Southwark on the allotment & Stompie Garden sites.

2/ Mace Presentation 

Gabriel, Meryn and Dominic have measured up the allotment site and are designing a map to help keep track of the allocation of plots & raised beds.

They will help us work on signage and communication, waste disposal & composting, building new grow beds and building a communal ‘shard of chard’. Their focus is on education, mental wellbeing and community engagement. They are planning a fundraising campaign and community days this Spring.

There’s a holiday food & crafts project to combat holiday hunger at St Georges Garden on 18th February and a Community Day at the Church on 19th June.

3/ Future Projects                                                                                                                   

Jo enquired about the polytunnel and irrigation plan for the allotment.

Shaun suggested a Facebook page for Tabard Growers.

Committee and Volunteer roles were discussed and agreed:

Chair:                            Fr Jonathan Sedgwick

Vice Chair:                    Níels Hermannsson

Treasurer:                      Shaun (Geoffrey)

Secretary:                     Deirdre Mc Gale

Allotment Liaison:       Jo (Eastwell)

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