Planting & Planning

Lan is new to the allotment. Her neighbour Thuy gave her some Vietnamese herbs – essential for everyday cooking – and some Water Lotus plants which were germinated from seeds at home.

Lan says, “I like to chop coriander up with spring onion and mint then add it to my Pho or spring rolls. Vietnamese coriander has a stronger flavour and scent compared to normal coriander.” 
They plant the herbs and some Taro in Lan’s raised bed and have enough free space to get some raspberries in there too.

In a shady spot in the greenhouse they plant the Lotus roots into soil submerged beneath the water and the Lotus leaves float on the surface of this mini pond.Matthew offers to help with the watering and tells us about their wish to plant a Lotus pond in the allotment….but that’s another story. To be continued…….

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