Making Christmas Wreaths

Many thanks to Anna and Peter who organised our Xmas Wreath Making workshop. This year we had to do it online on Zoom but we still had enthusiastic residents making some beautiful wreaths!.

First Peter delivered the materials to everyone…

Then Anna guided us through the process of making the wreaths –

Here are the beautiful wreaths we made!

3 generations of Tabard Growers


Rofina and her husband Ibrahim are keen gardeners. They’ve been growing food outside their home successfully for years.

“I used to live in East London. When I got married I moved to Southwark and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s beautiful here.”

“We are lucky to have some green space. The allotment has given my husband something to do. He loves to garden. The lockdown has somehow brought the local community together.”

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“My mother-in-law started growing Magenta Spreen (tree spinach) in the allotment a few years ago. We have it with a bit of garlic fried in oil. My son who has learning difficulties spends time with his father watering the plants. It’s lovely that the children get involved.”