Tabard Growers Harvest Festival

Join us to celebrate our year together on Saturday 13th October. Details below:

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We will take a short walk around the Tabard Growers Green spaces before, meeting at St George the Martyr East Garden at 12 noon. Look forwarding to meeting up on the day!


Fortnightly report

Beautiful Balin (BB) & Tabard Growers (TG):

Tue, 21st Nov: TG/BB Cleaner Greener Safer (CGS) initial assessment forms (IAF) arrived, we have to create detailed quotations about our projects, deadline 8th Dec.

Wed, 22nd Nov: Morning the Council’s gardeners mowed the lawn and mulched leaves around Balin, Brenley and Boughton Houses.

Thu, 23rd Nov: Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council (BBWCC) – John and Peter presented the TG/BB projects. We heard about another Tabard Gardens Estate garden related presentations: create green space on the Tabard Street side of the Beckett House, improve the car parking area behind the Long Lane 100-102.

John introduced Peter to Richard Galpin: Richard has lot of projects, one of his specialty the fruit trees: We started exchange our experience. We will organize a short, practical fruit tree maintenance session at the Tabard Community Allotments in the winter-time.

Fri, 24th Nov: Peter collected pallets from the yard of the King’s College and delivered to the allotment. Also he is replanted a fallen Medlar tree at Bricklayers Arms.

Sat, 25th Nov: We had a meeting with Jonathan, John, Martin and Peter. After the meeting we discovered the cold frames at the Beckett House.

Sun, 26th Nov: BB, Long Lane leaf collection and Rose pruning. Allotment, Peter built a compost cage and started to fill up with leaves.

Mon, 27th Nov: Nicola from Tabard House and David from Rothsay St joined the TG WhatsApp group.

Tue, 28th Nov: We managed to send the bank account application to TSB, waiting for response.

Fri, 1st Dec: We managed to order the glass to the doors of the greenhouse in the Allotment, delivery on the next week.

Sat, 2nd Dec: Some gardening around BB and Peter managed to order some stuff to the proposed gardening projects.

Next fortnight:

Mon, 4th Dec: Southwark Planning Network (SPN) meeting at Cambridge House

Thu, 7th Dec: BOST Merry Mingle

Fri, 8th Dec: Deadline to send back the TG/BB IAFs

Sat, 9th Dec: Allotment Funday

Mon, 11th Dec: Chaucer Ward panel meeting at Borough High St Police Station (community representatives only, general issues)

Fri, 15th Dec: United St Saviour application deadline

Sat, 16th Dec: Tabard Gardens South & Central TRA common Xmas party at the Tabard Community Hall – volunteers, ideas welcome

Deadline Sun, 24th Dec: Southwark Conservation, Let’s Talk


Mon, 20th Nov: We had an unsuccessful Tabard Community Hall meeting.

Tue, 21st Nov: Peter got a notification about 74-84 Long Lane co-living tall building “re-consultation”, open till 7th Dec -> Esther from Southwark Law Centre will visit the site on 6th Dec and will help with advice.

Fri, 24th Nov: Peter fixed the Bricklayers tube board at Stompie Garden

Mon, 27th Nov: Langa Ncayiyana Customer Services Manager of the Southwark Environmental Services sent a request to Peter to leave feedback about our extra garden waste management (Thelma’s garden). Some other departments of the Southwark Council also available on the Staffino: or

Tue, 28th Nov: Tabard Garden South TRA first meeting, they started up website and Twitter account:

Wed, 29th Nov: Council Assembly November (audio)

Wed, 29th Nov: SGTO & AnthonyGoldLaw held an informative & interesting housing repairs workshop

Thu, 30th Nov: Southwark Life Housing News published

Fri, 1st Dec: Southwark Life newsletter published

Somebody managed to tidy up the green space near the Geoffrey House.

A good sharing economy project: come and join to improve our neighborhood.